How Nutritional Therapy works

Every individuals’ health situation and needs are different, so Osborne Nutrition is flexible with how we work with clients. A Nutritional Therapy Consultation with Kaye follows these general stages:


1. Let's talk

A free 20 minute consultation to discuss your health situation and goals. This will establish whether Nutritional Therapy is right for you.


2. Build a picture

Complete a health questionnaire and food diary to enable Kaye to start building a picture about your lifestyle and nutritional situation.


3. Initial Appointment

Kaye will meet you and begin to develop a Nutritional and Lifestyle Plan that works for you and your lifestyle. Specific functional testing, such as blood tests or stool analysis may be discussed.


4. Review Appointment

After about a month, Kaye will review your results with you. Kaye will refine your Plan and may recommend supplements to support any ongoing nutritional or metabolic imbalances that have been identified.


5. Progress Appointment

Progress to date will be assessed and any further amendments made. A decision is made at this step about future appointments and frequency.

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“In just under a month of following Kaye’s advice, I am feeling the best I have felt in years.”

~ Sarah, Alton, Hampshire