Gut problems

Mandy had suffered with painful bloating for many years. By the time she came to see me, her symptoms were unbearable and were affecting every aspect of her life.

I reviewed her health history and spent time with Mandy really getting to understand what might be triggering her symptoms.

Stool and breath test analysis identified bacterial imbalances in her small intestine, a condition known as SIBO. Her GP was able to prescribe antibiotics and Mandy took on board my nutritional and lifestyle advice. Since seeing me, Mandy’s health has improved and she now has her life back on track!

“Kaye is very approachable and always professional. I have a complex medical history and she took the time to really understand it. My journey with Kaye has bought much success and I am so pleased to have found someone who really listened and drew up a plan for treatment. I would thoroughly recommend Kaye to anyone needing her services.”

~ Mandy, Hampshire



Peter is a type 2 diabetic, controlled with multiple medications, including insulin. He wanted to lose weight as part of a bet with his brother!

To reduce any risk of hypoglycaemia, we worked closely with his GP, as we made necessary dietary and lifestyle changes. Peter soon began to lose weight and his energy levels improved greatly.

Not only did Peter win his bet, he was able to reduce his insulin intake, whilst still seeing vast improvements to his Hba1C readings, a key indicator of diabetes control.

“At my first session with Kaye, she introduced the science behind weight loss. It was one of those occasions when a light suddenly went on – “so that is why previous diets have not worked”, “so that is why all that exercise is making no difference”, “so that is why it is so hard to stick to a diet”. Kaye supports with encouragement and the odd bit of finger wagging at my cheats! I would wholeheartedly recommend Kaye.”

~ Peter, Arlesford, Hampshire



Food intolerance

Nikki came to see me with a number of niggling problems, including persistent cough, bloating, constipation, headaches, tiredness and leg cramps.

By taking a full medical, nutritional and lifestyle history, I was able to identify the culprits. Nikki made the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to good effect, her symptoms greatly improved, as did her overall quality of life.

“At my wits end with several health issues, I entrusted my care to Kaye who turned out to be a life saver. She was so kind and approachable with a lovely bedside manner. She appeared completely interested and involved with my care. After a thorough assessment her expert knowledge guided me in to a much healthier lifestyle and diet. Her advice and kind words have stayed with me and I will be always grateful to her. I would totally recommend her to anyone seeking an evidence based approach to managing health issues through improved nutrition.”

~ Nikki, Alton, Hampshire

“I will be eternally grateful to Kaye for educating me and providing a long-term solution to my problems.”

~ Mel, Four Marks, Hampshire