Nutritional Therapist
Kaye Osborne

From a young age, I knew my vocation was to help people stay healthy.

After qualifying as a Registered Nurse, I initially worked as a specialist ITU nurse. Over time, I became increasingly interested in how our lifestyle choices affected our health and what measure could be put in place to prevent ill-health.

I returned to education and completed a Health Degree, and took a variety of roles involving health education and lifestyle medicine, both in and out of the NHS.


So what led me to retrain as a Nutritional Therapist?

Well, my own health had begun to deteriorate. As a busy working mum, I hadn’t taken much notice in the gradual increase in my own weight until the day I received a call from my GP. Not only was I overweight, I had developed high cholesterol and was borderline diabetic. I was completely shocked - how could this possibly have happened to me?

I began to research the subject of nutrition, and soon realised that my lifestyle choices were directly impacting my health. It was time to take action - I returned to University, to study Nutritional Therapy at Masters level.

I have been hooked on the power of nutrition ever since! By making small changes to my own diet and lifestyle, I very easily lost 2 stone in weight and dropped a dress size. More importantly, I now have a very healthy lipid profile and no sign of diabetes - my energy levels are through the roof and I feel more happy and confident than I’ve done in years.

I’d love to help you regain your health, vitality and happiness. Believe me, eating the right food can make a world of difference.

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“Having an expert like Kaye in your corner gives you the confidence to tackle your dietary bad habits.”

~ Richard, Winchester, Hampshire